Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping

The Benefits of EFT:


  • Releasing the effects of Abuse

  • Dealing with Addictions

  • Process Anger

  • How to overcome Depression

  • Resolving Eating Disorders

  • Overcome Exam Nerves

  • Fear of Public Speaking

  • Help with Insomnia

  • Recovering from ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Relief from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

  • Learn to Manage Pain

  • Alleviate Panic Attacks

  • Overcoming Phobias & Fears

  • Effective technique to Stop Smoking

  • Release Stress & Anxiety

  • Release memories and effects of Trauma/ PTSD

  • Weight Loss (What's really going on?)

What Is Emotional Freedom Technique?


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a bit like psychological acupuncture.


If you imagine that when you are a baby or child, usually before the age of 6, you experience a trauma, could be anything but in a child’s mind it was confusing, shocking or seriously abusive.  Then later in life, for example, in combat situations, accidents, abuse and serious shock that fight or flight response is activated and reignited within the brain. This is to keep us safe.  However, there is no way of  communicating this to the language part of the brain and so, we then revert back to the fear that we had then. The mind and body response is shock, fear and get me out of here usually.


EFT is able, by the process of acknowledging the feeling and fear and by tapping on certain points on the face and body, to release the trauma which is held in the cell as a memory. This release is so astounding that it leaves you feeling emotionally free. You are literary re-wiring your brain and turning negative ongoing beliefs into positive ones.


Clients report feeling lighter, free and more at ease and confident. 


The Background


Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT is a relatively new discovery based on ancient healing principals over 5,000 years ago, from the ancient Chinese Shoalin and Taoist monasteries. In fact Albert Einstein also told us back in the 1920's that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy. These ideas have been largely ignored by Western Healing Practices and as they are unveiled in our current times, human process is reopening itself to the forgotten truth that everything is Energy and the potential that this offers us.


The Eastern healing arts of acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu massage and reflexology, amongst others, were derived from the energy maps established by these early healers.


The EFT process also draws important influence, especially for deep emotional and psychological issues, from the many people who have contributed over the ages to the understanding of human psychology.

More recently, this amazing therapy owes much to the work of Dr George Goodheart, the founder of Applied Kinesiology, and Dr Roger Callahan the founder of TFT Thought Field Therapy.


It was in the early ‘90s that one of Dr Callahan's former students, the Gary Craig simplified the complicated TFT algorithms and made the process universally applicable for all. After stimulating the body’s well established energy meridian points by tapping on them with ones fingertips, mental, emotional and physical issues successfully clear away emotional debris in the form of blocks in the energy meridians. Thus EFT was born.


How it Works


Often referred to as "Psychological acupressure", the technique works by releasing blockages within the energy system which are the source of emotional intensity and discomfort. These blockages in our energy system, in addition to challenging us emotionally, often lead to limiting beliefs and behaviours and an inability to live life harmoniously. Resulting symptoms are either emotional and/ or physical and include lack of confidence and self esteem, feeling stuck anxious or depressed, or the emergence of compulsive and addictive behaviours. It is also now finally widely accepted that emotional disharmony is a key factor in physical symptoms and dis-ease and for this reason these techniques are being extensively used on physical issues, including chronic illness with often astounding results. As such these techniques are being accepted more and more in medical and psychiatric circles as well as in the range of psychotherapies and healing disciplines.


During an EFT treatment the fingertips are used rather than needles to tap on the end points of energy meridians that are situated just beneath the surface of the skin. The treatment is non-invasive and works on the ethos of making change as simple and as pain free as possible. The Client will tap along with me or on occasion I may need to tap on my client.


What is EFT Working on?


The areas we need to address during this adventure we call 'Life.' are not limited to the Mind, body and spirit but also the subconscious, the bodies energy systems and our emotions both at mental and stored at a energetic level - EFT address all of these areas.


It is still often overlooked, but emotional health is absolutely essential to your physical health and healing. No matter how devoted you are to a proper diet and lifestyle, you will not achieve your body's ideal healing and preventative powers if emotional barriers stand in your way.


Because the techniques are so simple, they can be used effectively as a self-help tool, which empowers people to actively contribute to their own healing and development process. This facilitates a much faster relief process, previously believed impossible by healthcare professionals who advocated lengthy (& often painful) hours in psychotherapeutic or medical care, often with limited results. These techniques do not discredit the medical and psychotherapeutic professions, but rather serve to contribute to a holistic healing process.


"Our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body's energy system"


The Result of Using EFT...


EFT works to clear such disruptions and eliminate the resulting emotional response or intensity to restore emotional harmony and offer relief from physical discomfort.


EFT focuses on a specific problem whilst tapping with fingers on the end points of energy meridians. The combination of sending kinetic energy to our energy system, whilst uncovering and focusing on root causes, facilitates a "straightening out" of the energy system thereby eliminating the "short circuit" to the body's learnt response or negative emotion.


Once you start to observe how well EFT clears out emotional debris, your next step is to notice the effect this has on physical ailments. Headaches, back pains and other discomforts tend to improve or vanish. Your vision may become clearer and effect that everyday stress has on your system starts to lessen. It really is truly incredible.



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