Changes and Acceptance

I would firstly like to thank everyone for your kind messages of support on Facebook after coming off the Live feeds for a few days. At this time, I am not unwell but I needed to take a break from doing Facebook Live just to re-evaluate who I am and where my path was leading me.

There have been so many questions, especially in the light of this Full Moon and the planetary changes occurring. I am sure many of you have been feeling the same way and asking the same questions about where your life is taking you. I really felt like a budgie who had fallen off the perch, but I soon realised that actually, I haven't fallen, I am flying and I have moved onto a different vibration.

There were several events that led up to this re-evaluation/revelation, not just the Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde energies. The first being just last week. I received my renewal insurance documents for my business. Upon reading through them, I noticed that one of the certificates was stamped 'Medium'. This felt unusual to me, as I have never classed myself as a 'Medium', even though I am aware I am channelling messages. I also know so many lovely, wonderful 'Mediums', many who I am proud to call friends who are definitely very at ease with the term 'Medium' by owning and being who they are. All working in different ways with their mediumship. But there it was in black and white and it felt uneasy to me. I couldn't own it. I had to sit with this energy and feel how it was to be called a 'Medium'. Every step of my journey has been a process of acceptance of who I am at that point,. Something, I am sure, many of you will resonate with. Here I was again faced with an adjustment in my energy field. I was fully aware that my vibration was shifting and messages were coming to me in many different forms. I even experienced golden light coming through my finger tips one morning and I had to look around the room to make sure I was actually seeing what I was experiencing. Then it happened again and I knew there was a divine message about us all being light and to remember that we have all come from the light. There had been a redefining of self and my goals. So, I have taken the time out to work with calling myself a 'Medium' and allowing this idea into my consciousness. This is a huge part of who I am. At the end of the day it is just a word but it had triggered me.

The second of my experiences on my journey has also led me to working with light language. This has been such a different experience, thanks to a very lovely friend of mine, who knew I was capable of channelling these divine messages and encouraged me to do this. It has definitely been a very beautiful experience. Again, it took a while to allow myself to do this and feel comfortable and confident in providing the healing messages. My Tapping Group on a Thursday evening have been a witness to this development and received some wonderful healing messages.

My third and final revelation was, I had moved home, after 30 years away, to be nearer my parents but I hadn't changed the way I was working. I hadn't even really accepted that I had moved or cut ties with my past, in order to move forward. Now that may sound odd but I needed to connect with the local people and I hadn't. Possibly because of how busy life is but I needed to make some real life connections. I have some truly beautiful, supportive friends all at a distance who I know will be there forever and I love them all dearly. I needed to embrace the newness of being back in Herefordshire. This has been made easier by my oldest school friend and her husband being around the corner. Their assistance has been invaluable, as things work differently in different areas. I am now settling in to our new life and I am truly blessed to have such lovely friends near and far.

I feel so priviledged every weekday morning when I connect with so many beautiful loving people on Facebook. I love doing the Daily Guidance on Facebook and I will be back in the mornings to carry on spreading words of positivity. The connection on the Live feeds is like no other, as I can feel the wonderful energies of other light beings who lift the vibration. I love you all and I love connecting with you all. I celebrate the connections I have made and the wonders of modern technology. What would I do without you all? (even being in Facebook jail).

As some of you will have seen, I have also started weekly Tarot Guidance on YouTube, which feels like a natural progression. Something, again, which took me time to step into and feel natural doing it. As I write this, the song, 'This is the Greatest Show' from the Greatest Showman, is singing in my head.

Every one of us is constantly changing, evolving and growing, if we allow ourselves to. I know I am constantly learning and experiencing new avenues of healing. I feel truly honoured to be able to do this work.

If there was one message that comes out of this blog, it would be. Always allow yourself to adjust to the changes and trust that it is for your greatest and highest good, however difficult that can be some times. Know that change is good when you are true to you.

The time I have recently taken has reconfirmed to me that I am here to assist healing, inspire others, share positivity and be a part of huge, positive transformation.

For anyone looking for the next steps in their life, I would high recommend a Tarot reading. I certainly seek guidance in the cards. The important thing to remember is that it is not just the guidance it gives you but the indication of the healing that is required within you.

That is why I am so passionate about not just being able to offer channelled guidance but being able to work with you to help you in your path to transformation, to be able to feel the wonderful peace that is within all of us.

Thank you always, for taking to time to read my blogs.

If you feel that you would like to get guidance but also transform your life by working with me on a one to one basis, then please contact me, either through my website or via Facebook Messenger.

Love and Blessings

Lorraine xxxx

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