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The lovely Judy McKillop of Embracing Life approached me the other day and asked if I wrote Blogs.

“No,” I said quizzically, “I should though,” I thought to myself.

“Would you write one for me?” she replied.

Without hesitation I jumped at the chance.

I have been an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping)/Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner for over three years now. It is a pleasure to share how this therapy has had such a positive impact on my clients, including myself. The therapy is used for absolutely anything, emotional trauma, physical ailments, stress, anxiety and to remove any of the blocks that hold you back and it works.

EFT (Tapping) is just like acupuncture without the needles. There are certain points on the face, head and hands that you tap on gently with one finger. The idea is that you tune into the energy in your body and by tapping you release emotions, resistance or past trauma that your body is holding. The actual physical tapping disengages the amygdale (the part of the brain responsible for the Flight/Fight response) thereby calming the body's response. I do daily live feeds every weekday morning on Facebook and on a Monday and Friday I demonstrate this wonderful therapy using positive affirmations. Generally, these affirmations may trigger an energy response in the body and by tapping we release these emotions. It lightens our bodies of any energy that does not serve us and is a great way to start the day.

To tune into the negative emotions, and if you were working with me on a one to one basis, we would start the sessions with how you were feeling and where you are feeling the energy in your body, including any symptoms that you may be experiencing. So many people ignore what their bodies are saying to them. Tuning into your energy field is about listening to how your body is responding and taking note of how this makes you feel. It is such a natural process. Whilst in the initial throws of consultation an emotion with present itself, showing the way to where the healing needs to be.

It is then that I would introduce a set-up. The set-up is a sentence that sums up the emotion and gives the permission for the energy to be released. It therefore draws attention to that specific energy and the emotion. We can then move the process forward by the client giving the energy a shape, colour or anything else that describes how it feels. This gives an insight into the emotion connected with the energy and helps you to focus and recognise the intensity of the energy. I will then affirm with the client that although they are feeling this energy they are happy to let it go and that they ‘love and accept’ themselves. For some people actually saying that they 'love and accept' themselves may not come easily and, may not be their truth at the very beginning of the healing process. Which is why they have decided to do the healing. The phrase can be adjusted appropriately. The process of tapping always helps the energy to change form, colour, move to a different part of the body and eventually disperse.

Every consultation is different and sometimes this may be a process of chasing energy around your body until eventually you can no longer feel it in your body. However, on most occasions, the process of tapping (particularly on the finger points) will trigger a memory from childhood where this emotion was first felt and the belief that was made and has been reinforced by repeated experiences. I have to say that, at this point, I have also experienced Past Life memories where beliefs were made and worked within the Matrix of these to resolve the trauma. This is when Matrix Re-imprinting comes into its own. It’s like time travel. Stepping into these subconscious memories to remove the trauma and turn the negative beliefs that were made at that point into positive ones. The energy in the body that was once felt also usually disappears, unless another connected emotion arises to work with There can be several aspects to a memory such as the sounds you heard at the point of trauma or what was seen, etc... this will all need working with in turn. Once the trauma/memory no longer holds the energy it is time to reframe the belief, therefore, what actually was perceived to be happening and what was truly happening. A re-imprint of the new positive belief can take place which alters the brain’s neural pathways and thereby transmits a different reaction and the trigger will no longer cause a reaction in the body.

We, as humans, take on so many beliefs based on perception. We feel the energy of a situation and believe that it is because of us that this energy has been caused. In fact, most of the time, it is only our perception that has created this thought process and the reality of the situation is completely different. For example, if you have witnessed your parents arguing when you were a child did you believe it was your fault? The beliefs that may have been taken on board at this point could be; "It's my fault" or "My parents are angry with me". These are just examples but these beliefs grow and become reinforced because whatever you believe you attract. A person can then find themselves repeating relationship, work or social situations where they are reinforcing the believe system. The idea of changing the negative beliefs into positive ones and re-imprinting then breaks the cycle of repetitive negative behaviour and reinforces a higher self-esteem.

A really good example of holding onto energy is the example I use with my clients which I call ‘The Hands of Fear’. I was intrigued with a client of mine who, when he lost his temper, clenched his fists. We tapped around the energy in his hands and it brought up a memory of when he was 8 years old. He had been asked to carry tea over to the kitchen table for the family. He held three cups in each hand and as he put the cups down his brother released the leaf on the table and the cups crashed to the ground. He was berated for this and as he stood being told off he was still clenching his fists where he had held the cups. He was holding all that anger/fear in his hands and had carried this with him every time he was berated and it wasn’t his fault. Needless to say, this is no longer the case for him as we released this emotional energy.

There is also a certain amount of learnt behaviour here as well. Our parents are our teachers and they lead by example. Therefore, for example, if there is a history of volatility in the home then this can pass down to children and how they feel they should behave or even have the perception that this is how family life is for everyone. Having said that, sometimes the children decide to be submissive rather than aggressive but in turn attract aggressive people around them. It all plays a part in how we grow, evolve and perceive.

I certainly know one thing for sure, EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting changes lives. I have, as a Practitioner, seen transformations in the way people react to their old triggers and how they deal with life completely differently, their self-esteem is high and confidence soars. By doing the healing work I've also seen how this has impacted on their families and the lovely ripple effect of repairing fractious relationships or bringing families closer together and more harmonious. I always tell my clients that the work they do is their work and I am just a facilitator but it gives me so much pleasure to be part of this journey. My own experience of the therapy taught me so much about myself and the repeating patterns that I was holding onto and not recognising. I love and accept myself for who I am and my boundaries around acceptable/unacceptable behaviour have altered drastically and for the better.

If you've never tried it, you'll never know what it could do for you.

Love and Blessings Always


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