Taking Time Out - An Act of Self Care

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you will be aware that I took some time off between Christmas and New Year. Although I had planned to have some time off, the universe had other ideas. The day I finished my last live feed before Christmas my body started to show signs of a cold and by late Friday evening, it had developed into full blown cold with temperature and aching muscles. I referred to it a being "chilled to the bone". I drank honey and lemon, went to bed, wrapped up and slipped into a deep sleep.

I woke the next morning feeling absolutely terrible but carried on my day; with three children and a dog there is no choice but I was so miserable. My eldest daughter was very good by making numerous cups of tea for me. We took the dog out for a walk across the fields and hills; they felt like mountains and my legs felt like jelly. I was very happy to get home and sit down. By the Sunday I had no energy and I could hardly hear a thing (completely "bunged up" as my mum would say). There was no choice. It was a day of rest and not worry about what the rest of the world thought. Shadow, my dog, just stared at me as I sat curled up on the sofa and he placed himself next to me; providing comfort and warmth.

It was just a cold but I couldn't work out why I had got a cold. I am very healthy and I eat healthily. What had I done to bring this on? I looked at Shadow, fast asleep on the sofa, and I realised. I hadn't taken time out for me. Life gets busy; like many of our lives. We are juggling children, running a business, a home and finances. When did I take time for me? I had been running around like a headless chicken the last few weeks before Christmas. I needed to stop chasing my tail and take a step back. All the things I tell my clients to do. Have some time to breathe and to go with the flow.

I so wanted to work but I knew that my body wanted to rest and I did the one thing that I have, in the past, found difficult to do. I listened to my body and I let it rest. I trusted the universe to know that this was all for a reason. I've watched my dog Shadow with such awe. Animals just know when their bodies need to rest. It's instinctive. The more in tune I am with who I am, the more I realise that I am listening to my body too. The time out gave me time to rethink what I needed to achieve for 2019 and where I want to go. I got to spend quality time with my girls and my parents without telling them that I was too busy to help them or speak to them.

We are all guilty of either pushing through the pain, tiredness or illness. We are brought up being told that it's only a cold or you won't notice it when your busy. But, actually, our bodies are talking to us. If we were more like animals and rested when we needed maybe the world would be a calmer, happier place. Some people can smile through the pain or illness but not many or not for long.

Self care is so important and you can achieve so much more by taking the time to look after you. Our time on earth is precious and needs to be enjoyed not endured. It's also made me realise that it is important to choose wisely where you put your energy and everything you are doing is because you want to be doing it and it fits in. Time is precious, spend it wisely. Make sure you make you a priority.

As for 2019, it's going to be a very special year of growth and understanding. There are wonderful times afoot.

Love and Blessings

Lorraine xx

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