Tapping Around Intention

We have just come through the period of the New Moon. A time when we set our intentions of things we would like to bring into our lives and let the Universe do the rest.

I was sat writing my affirmations for the Meditation, Tap and Chill group that the lovely Jan and I run on a Wednesday evening online. The subject being 'Setting Intentions'. I very often write my affirmations based around the 'I am', 'I deserve' or the 'I know'. But, I felt that these affirmations were not quite what I was looking for. I sat down and wrote the words 'I intend'. A fuzzy, bubbly feeling came over me. There was such a different energy around these words. I said the words to myself again and a smile came across my face. That realisation that by just changing a word, it changes the whole energy around what you are telling yourself. So many times I have experienced what changing a word can do but this was more than that. It felt very exciting and an excitement that I hadn't felt for a while. I knew these are the words I needed to use in my affirmations. It's the feeling that you need to feel when you want to manifest something into your life …. and manifesting is all about the emotion that you connect to the wish.

Very often I feel that when you do a lot of healing work on yourself you reach a level where extremes of emotion don't really occur. Don't get me wrong, it is a fantastic place to be. The dramas don't happen because you are aware of what drama is all about and the sinking feeling after the drama has also dissipated. I wanted to feel this excitement, this heightened emotion whilst I was setting my intentions.

I wrote out my intentions for this month and the next six months in my notebook and changed the wording slightly to incorporate the words 'I intend'. It felt very different indeed and I started to tap as I talked through each intention. The tapping was releasing any emotional blocks to making the manifesting easier, I even gleaned a lightbulb moment to help me move forward. It felt very different to me but in a good way. It was wonderful and therefore led me to changing the way I set my intention and maybe, it could help you too.

Why not try this yourself. Write down your list of what you would like to manifest and then tap around them, saying the words, 'I intend'. How does it feel? Let me know how you get on.

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