Who Am I?

This is Shadow's position when I Meditate

Wow... This is a question I have posed to myself many, many times. Looking for the simple answer. Is there a simple answer? I am sure it may be something that you have asked yourself as well.

I got asked the other day, "What do you do?" I had to really think about this question before I answered it. I replied in the longest answer on earth about being an Self-Published Author, EFT/Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Angel, Oracle and Tarot Reader. My mind racing ahead about how I love running, dancing, reading and meditation, learning new things, walking the dog; how I worked in finance and airline, love travelling and I am a mum of three gorgeous children and a beautiful black Labrador. I have so many tools to my disposal to be able to help others. I have worked very closely with dear friends on this to glean some insight.

If you watch my daily Live feeds on Facebook, today I have changed my title from being an EFT/Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner to an Intuitive Spiritual Therapist. Why? Because I no longer felt that I was just an EFT/Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner. Every morning when I introduced myself I had started to stumble over my words. They didn't fit me anymore. It didn't resonate and I couldn't feel the words. I had to sit quietly and tune in to what felt right for me. I use so many tools in my therapies. Some I have studied, some I have learned from others and some that seem to have always been there but may have needed fine tuning. Constantly evolving and learning with the hope to help others. I love it when I connect with people and we are all tuning in together. The groups I run are magical and inspiring. My writing is a big passion and at the moment I feel a huge calling to write. So I am writing my next book. This is not to say that I won't change my title again, but it is only a title.

There would have been a time when I would have thought twice about writing these blogs and still not published them. I have changed my perspective on this and they are just words and just my opinion. If you resonate with someone and it helps you then that is all that matters. Whatever you do and whoever you are, it's not about a title, it's about what is inside. Sitting in meditation has been my way of discovering the next move or direction I need to take. Being surrounded by wonderful spiritual, intuitive friends to hold space for me. Being present and grounded helps you recognise when things or people are presented to you. I have made so many lovely connections with people and places due to synchronicity and following where it leads.

So, Who Am I? I am me and I can take you on a journey to discover the 'Unique You'.

If you want to learn more about the therapies I do or the groups I run, please feel free to contact me.

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