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So many people are wary of the Tarot Cards but I can assure you that after many, many years of using the cards, they are not to be feared.    The cards are merely a tool and, if used correctly, should only be used as guidance.

I started to use Tarot cards at the age of 16.  In fact, the cards that I do my readings with are the original pack that I started with, the Mythical Tarot.

I believe that the cards pick up the energy of the person who is shuffling them and therefore, they are drawn to the cards that are most appropriate for their situation.

The tarot started being used around the mid 15th Century in France and Italy and were used as playing cards originally. It wasn't until they 18th Century that the cards were used for divination across Europe.


There are lots of different tarot packs but most contain 22 Major Arcana cards and four suits of fourteen cards to represent the elements referred to as Minor Aracana, which contain the suit of Cups (emotions), suit of Wands/rods (actions), Suit of Pentacles/coins (money) and suit of Swords (mental challenges).

I do daily guidance every week day morning at 8am on Facebook.  Join me every morning to receive the message for the day by clicking the link and following  my Page.   I also have a YouTube if you prefer.


If you would like a private reading  contact me for more details on 07885 690061, via messenger on my Facebook page or click the Buy Now button and pay for a reading and I will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

Tarot Reading

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